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Avintia group launches Quality Care for the development of real estate projects aimed at the senior and social health sectors

Madrid, April 2022.

The Grupo Avintia, a leading industrial group in the construction and real estate sector in Spain, is launching Quality Care, a new company within its Real Estate division, aimed at developing residential projects and care services for the senior sector, as well as other properties for social and health care use.

The objective of Quality Care is to plan, implement, manage and operate buildings for retirement homes, day care centres, nursing homes and housing with care services for the elderly within the sectors of Senior Living, Nursing Homes, Senior Housing, Senior Sheltered Apartments and/or co-living for seniors. They will focus more specifically on the development, construction, purchase and sale, conversion, leasing and tenancy of buildings intended for such purposes.

An allied division of industrialised construction with ÁVITA

Quality Care and its clients can benefit from the synergies with ÁVITA, the Grupo Avintia’s industrialised construction company: Industrialised construction is an ideal ally for the creation of healthy, sustainable and connected properties and spaces, with high quality standards and innovative systems that facilitate and optimise the operation and management of the properties, as well as reducing delivery times and allowing the property to be operational in a shorter period of time“, says Roberto Campos, Managing Director of the Grupo Avintia Real Estate.

The Grupo Avintia’s industrialised construction system makes it possible to reduce delivery times by up to 30%, meet the developer’s financial commitments and approach sustainability from a broader perspective, reducing waste generated on construction sites by 75%, integrating technology to monitor air quality and solutions that provide greater thermal and acoustic comfort, among others. As well as technological solutions for the operation and maintenance of the building.

A specialised team with experience in the sector

To strengthen this new area, the Grupo Avintia Real Estate is creating a specialised team with experience in the sector, and has appointed Paz Membibre as Senior Living business manager. Membibre has more than 20 years’ experience in the sector. She holds a degree in Kinesiology and Physiatry from the Universidad Nacional de San Martín de Buenos Aires, a Diploma in Physiotherapy from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid, an Executive Master’s in Sales and Marketing Management from ESADE Business School and a Master’s in Management and Innovation in the Health sector from IE Business School.

In her professional career she has worked as Director of Expansion and Development at Grupo Care (Orpea), Area Director of Homes for the Elderly at Grupo Gedeco Avantis, Director of Development and Innovation at Grupo 5 Acción y Gestión Social, Head of the Social and Health Area at OHL Servicios Ingesan and Regional Director of Grupo Vitalia Home in Madrid and Castilla-La Mancha.

In the words of Paz Membibre: “This launch is the Grupo Avintia’s commitment to the welfare and care society, creating and providing value in everything related to real estate aimed at caring for people, health care and new residential models to respond to the increase in life expectancy, both for dependent and non-dependent elderly people, as well as for other socio-health services”.

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