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Grupo Mimara trusts in Quality Care, from Grupo Avinitia to develop a residence for the for the elderly in Tarragona for 8 million euros

Quality Care, a Grupo Avintia company specialising in the development of real estate projects for the senior sector and other social and healthcare uses, will carry out a turnkey project – from land acquisition to property development management – in Tarragona for the Grupo Mimara, experts in the creation of responsible homes for the elderly, which currently manages more than 730 beds. The transaction, advised by the real estate consultancy Colliers, has been finalised through the signing of a lease contract between the two parties.

The project, located on Avenida de Andorra in Tarragona, whose name will be Mimara Tarragona, will involve an investment of 8.2 million euros and has a tentative completion date for the last quarter of 2024.

The new residence will cover an area of almost 5,000 square metres, with a built surface area of 4,714 m2 (2,803 m2 above ground level and 1,911 m2 below ground level), distributed over 5 floors and 3 basements. In total, the new residence will have 100 places and 20 places in the day centre, which will provide the city with a much-needed care space for the elderly and their families.

The project is designed to have living units of optimum size on completely independent floors, which will help to sectorise in the event of the need for isolation. It will have open spaces, physiotherapy rooms, occupational therapy, pharmacy and rooms for the families who come to the centre, making it a space for social coexistence.

The signing ceremony was attended by: Miguel Márquez, founder of Grupo Mimara; Javier Alarcón, administrator of Grupo Mimara; Héctor Mendoza, financial director of Grupo Mimara; Antonio Martín Jiménez, president of Grupo Avintia; Juan Antonio Carrero, director of real estate business of Grupo Avintia Real Estate, and Paz Membibre, director of Senior Living business of Quality Care.

Antonio Martín Jiménez, president of the Grupo Avintia, thanked Mimara for the collaboration that is now beginning: “this first contract signed by both companies, we are sure that it is the beginning of a fruitful relationship in which we will develop together other projects currently under study, as important as this one, which meet a need in today’s society with the highest standards of quality“.

Miguel Márquez, founder of Mimara, stresses the importance of this event: “We are very excited and eager to announce the future construction of the new Mimara Tarragona residential centre. We are especially grateful to Antonio Martín and Avintia for collaborating with us on this first project between the two companies, which will redefine the residential sector for the elderly in Tarragona. We are sure that this action will open a new stage in the city to continue guaranteeing the well-being of the elderly and their personalised care”.

The project, managed by Grupo Mimara, with more than 20 years of experience in the senior residential market, will provide stable direct employment for more than 50 people. It also serves to reinforce the consolidation and expansion of the social and healthcare group as a benchmark in the sector in our territory, which already manages six residences in Tarragona – adding Mimara Tarragona – as well as being present in Soria (Tardelcuende, Valdeavellano de Tera and Almazán), in Barcelona (Pedralbes), in Seville (Tomares), in Murcia (Murcia capital), in Asturias (Valdesoto) and with the opening of new residences in the pipeline.

Grupo Avintia specialising in residential development With this new project, the Grupo Avintia reaffirms its position as a benchmark company in the development and construction of residential homes, with a long track record in unique and specialised projects related to the hotel sector, build to rent, student residences and homes for the elderly, as in this case.

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