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Senior Residential Home
for Mimara, located in Tarragona

This project consists of perfect-sized co-living units on fully independent floors, which will facilitate compartmentalisation in the event that isolation is required. It will offer open spaces, physiotherapy and occupational therapy rooms, pharmacy and family rooms for visitors to the centre, transforming it into a social co-living space.

Construction type



2.803 m²

Nº Rooms


Nº Beds


Day care centre

20 Places

Turnkey project developed by Quality Care

The real estate development project for the senior sector, undertaken by Quality Care under a “turnkey” concept, includes everything from the acquisition of land to the management of the real estate development itself. With an area of almost 5,000m2 and 4,714m2 built on 5 floors and 2 basements, the residential home for elderly people will boast 100 beds and 20 day centre places in the Tarragona area.

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